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God’s Love Never Fails

Recently, a long-time friend was telling me about her strained relationship with her father. While sharing with me the events since his recent stroke, she lamented tearfully, “I don’t know why I keep trying. I just wish that he would love me. Why don’t I just stop seeking his approval?”

I’ve known this friend since I was twelve years old. Even as a teenager, her relationship with her father was strained at best. She continually sought his love and approval; yet, he rarely if ever showed that he cared. She would often tell me about outbursts of yelling, undeserved accusations, and emotional slams. Now, at over fifty years old, my friend still seeks the love and acceptance of her father, a love that remains elusive.

Girls need and will seek the love of their fathers. When it fails to be evident, whether through abuse, death, abandonment, or simply not present in the single-parent home, girls will often seek to fill the void in their hearts, searching and hoping that it will be filled by another man, a boyfriend, or a husband. It has been statistically shown that teenage girls growing up without the love of a father figure are most at risk for an unplanned pregnancy. They are seeking a love that will not fail them.

It doesn’t matter how old we get or even if we marry, many of us continue to search to for the love of a father. Many of us need to fill a void in our hearts that may have been created initially by an absent father or an abusive father, a void created by a love that failed.

Having lost my father to an untimely death when I was nine years old, I found myself seeking love that would not fail. During my teenage years, I believed that a boyfriend could provide me with that love. I believed that a boyfriend would be everything that I needed. I wanted to wear his class ring or his ID bracelet. I hoped he would give me a gift of jewelry, maybe even a pre-engagement ring like the one worn by my best friend. I wanted to have some sort of outward evidence that I was loved, that I was worthy of being loved by a boy, by a man.

I wanted a love that would not fail, a love that would not die.

In my search for this undying love, I didn’t wait patiently for true love to develop naturally, according to God’s plan. I didn’t even know that God had a plan. I believed that I had to find and personally create the love that I sought. I was looking for love along an independent path, searching for love from others without realizing that the source and foundation for all love is God. As you might have guessed, relationships came and went, never really developing into that undying love that I sought, a love that would not fail.

After several failed relationships, I began to question my worthiness for true love from time to time. Why does no one want me? I’d cry to myself.

What I didn’t realize, however, was that none of these relationships could ever truly fill my need for a love that would not fail. Although I ultimately met someone that truly loved me, someone that married me and has loved me for over thirty years, my husband’s love did not resolve my need for a fatherly love. Love in marriage, even in the best of marriages, cannot fill the need for a love that cannot fail.

The need for a love that cannot fail creates a void in our hearts that can be filled only by our heavenly Father, by God himself. The void is not created by the lack of love by our earthly father, as we might believe. The void in our hearts cannot be filled by a person, an earthly father, a boyfriend, or a husband. The void in our hearts can only be filled with God’s perfect love. His is the only love that will never fail.

1 John 3:16 tells us that God is love. Perfect love is described in 1 Corinthians 13, verses 4-13. If God is love, then we can be sure from 1 Corinthians 13:7-8 that God’s love will never give up and never lose faith. His love is always hopeful, and it will endure through every circumstance.

God’s love will last forever (1 Chronicles 16:34). It is because he loved us first, that we are able to love each other (John 3:19). His love is the foundation of all love. Seek His love first, and your heart will be filled forever.

God’s love will give you the strength and courage that you need when facing difficult times and challenges. With God, you can make good, healthy choices. God’s love will enable your heart to heal.

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