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The Real Impact of Abortion

Pro-Life Speaker

With compelling knowledge and passion, Sheila Luck speaks to audiences and readers

about the REAL implications of abortion.

Public Rallies   |   Fundraising Events   |   Church Groups   |   Youth Groups

As a post-abortive mother, Sheila is able to speak to her audience in a believable, compassionate way. Her message can be customized depending on the size and scope of the event. Her message includes:

  • Understand the ramifications of abortion – both to the unborn baby and the mother
  • Give the audience a deeper understanding of the heart and fears of a woman considering abortion
  • Motivate them through compassion and knowledge to help others make a Pro-Life Choice

“Sheila presents in a way that makes an audience yearn for more. Her professionalism and speaking
style are credible and first class!” – Colleen, Kaukauna, WI



Books for Healing and Hope


Grapple with Guilt, Shed the Shame

Sheila guides the reader through a cleansing process to shed shame while affirming that he or she is loved and forgiven. This reaffirmation enables the reader to move forward in a positive direction in the light of God.



My Baby’s Feet

Through her own story, Sheila helps women examine the real impact of abortion to their lives. For post-abortive women, she helps them realize that they are not alone and the need not suffer the consequences by themselves.


My Secret Loss: Finding Life After Abortion

As a necessary step for healing, My Secret Loss gives the reader permission and encouragement to grieve the loss of her baby, and helps her discover the path to peace and healing.


“The message given comes from the heart and reason. From start to finish, the students were engaged with the life story of Sheila Luck and the evolution of the abortion debate. She was open to conflicting ideas and challenged students to look at the world they are a part of.” – Joe R., Hortonville High School Teacher, Hortonville, WI