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Sheila’s Ministry


Sheila works with you and for you!


Sheila works with pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations, schools and career centers, and churches, retreats and camps.  She strives to understand you, your organization and your philosophies to ensure her message aligns with your desired results and audience.  Her programs are inspirational and heartfelt; moving listeners to action.




Pregnancy Centers and Pro-Life Organizations

Invest in your cause through Sheila’s personal stories, emphasizing the importance of your life-saving work.


Public and Private Schools and Christian Career Centers

Benefit from Sheila’s messages focused on the history of the abortion issue from an attorney’s perspective.

Counselors working with Sheila learn to help others find their God-given potential to be the “somebody” God wants them to be–no matter their age or stage in life.


Churches, Retreats and Camps

Allow Sheila to help you grow in Christ and discover what it means to love out loud.


Together We Inspire!

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