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Churches, Christian Camps, and Retreats

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Keynote Suggestions


Empowered by Love–Be Somebody

Awaken your congregation, women of the church, and teens to draw near to God and become the “somebody” that makes a difference.  Help your new believers grow in understanding as to what’s next in their faith journey.  This is a great keynote on its own , or it can be used as part of a women’s retreat or adult/teen Christian camp series on “I Can with ‘I AM.'”

I Can with ‘I AM’– Discover the Possibilities

Energize your congregation, teen, or women of the church!  This message is designed to enable your audience to discover the possibilities when working according to God’s plan for their lives.  Based on loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, audience members will be encouraged to draw closer to God, hear His call and follow.

I Can with ‘I AM’–Shed the Shame

This keynote is perfect for a program on healing our emotional scars. When we shed the shame through Christ, we can burst out of our shame-based cocoon and be like the beautiful butterfly, lovely and free, becoming the person God made each of us to be.  God love us regardless of what we have done or what others have done to us.

The Six R’s of Forgiveness

This keynote is designed for the broader audience, helping them realize that the seemingly unforgivable is forgivable.  Christ’s love and forgiveness are the paths to healing, bringing hope to the broken.  It touches the hearts of all in the audience who may be suffering with their choices and seeking forgiveness.

See also suggestions for Pro-Life Organizations



Retreat and Camp Suggestions


Empowered by Love

This option is the most flexible option for women’s retreats or for teen or adult Christian camps.  The “Empowered By Love” series begins with the foundational concepts in the book “I Can with ‘I AM’–Be Somebody”, and uses one or more related “I Can with ‘I AM'” presentations, as desired by the program organizers to meet the specific goals of the event.

I Can with “I AM”–Discover the Possibilities

What should I do when I grow up?  Whatever the age, this question is frequently on people’s minds.  Building on they keynote message under the same name, this is a single day or multi-day workshop designed to help you find the answer.  What does God want me to do with my life next?  Help your participants draw closer to God, hear His call and follow!

I Can with “I AM” Love Out Loud

Wouldn’t it be fun to go deep on the many ways we can love out loud?  In a retreat or Christian camp setting, with more time, participants can learn to visualize what loving out loud might look like in their personal lives, families, and communities.  How different this world could be if all people loved out loud!

I Can with “I AM” Shed the Shame

Combine the keynote with the same name with “The Six R’s of Forgiveness”, optional breakout sessions, and a prayer room, and you have the perfect opportunity for a loving retreat on healing our emotional scars.  



Related Books

I Can with “I AM”–Be Somebody

I have often said, “Somebody should do something about that!”  Maybe I’m supposed to be the “somebody.”  With God, we can be the “somebody” that makes a difference.  Be somebody!  I will do what I can, where I am, with “I AM.”  Will you?  Purchase your copy from one of these locations: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Aneko Press


Grapple With Guilt, Shed the Shame

Written as a group Bible study that can also be used as a personal workbook, Grapple with Guilt opens the door for healing from a shame-based life. This workbook helps the reader to recognize the basis of shame then stop forward in the love of Christ, opening the door to becoming the person God intended him or her to be. This workbook is also useful for prison ministries. Purchase your copy from one of these locations: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Elizabeth Ministry International


My Baby’s Feet: Choice, Death, and the Aftermath

For women who are unsure of their feelings on abortion or who have experienced abortion, Sheila shares her heartfelt story of emotional pain resulting from her regrettable choice at age 17. All readers will benefit tremendously as they discover that abortion is not the easy answer to a complicated problem. Purchase your copy from one of these locations: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Aneko Press


The Challenge of Change–Careers, Callings, and Work-Life Crossroads

Do you want to look forward to your work-life adventures with hope, joy, and excitement?  Written as a group Bible study that can also be used as a personal workbook, this book offers a Biblical approach to discovering your work-life Possibilities regardless of age or stage of career.  Purchase your copy directly from Sheila here:  Challenge of Change


The Upside to Job Loss

Job Loss creates a unique opportunity to evaluate your past, question your present, and dream about your future.  Discover and build upon your passions, strengths, and talents.  Pursue with confidence and conviction the next stop on your work-life path.   Purchase your copy from one of these locations: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Aneko Press