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God’s Love Never Fails

Recently, a long-time friend was telling me about her strained relationship with her father. While sharing with me the events since his recent stroke, she lamented tearfully, “I don’t know why I...
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Life Interrupted

Oh my gosh! It’s October already! Where has the year gone? Am I really supposed to put out the fall decorations? Where did I put that pumpkin candle? I know where the year went. It has been a...
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The Wisdom of Solomon and Expanding the Pie

I was thinking about the Biblical story about two women and their babies. In the night, one of the babies died. The mother of the deceased baby swapped her baby with the other woman’s living baby...
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I Want to be His Daughter

Have you ever asked a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Perhaps the answers included becoming a teacher, a nurse, a basketball player or a lawyer. Is the question “What do you...
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