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Pregnancy Centers and Pro-Life Organizations

Working with pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations, Sheila offers hope and inspires change through her presentations, healing workshops, and books.  Please connect with Sheila if you would like to know more.  

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Keynote Suggestions


The Face of Hope!

Motivate your audience toward action and support.  An inspirational yet heartfelt message designed to move listeners to action both personally to support and promote a culture of life and monetarily enabling your organization to successfully continue its life-saving work.

My Baby’s Feet: The Aftermath

A message of discovery and forgiveness that builds on Sheila’s book, My Baby’s Feet, and her transition from pro-choice to pro-life, beginning with her fears that led her to choosing abortion at age 17.  Walk along in her shoes as she describes running form the truth but discovering God’s love.  

The Six R’s of Forgiveness

Perfect for the broader audience, helping them realize that the seemingly unforgivable is forgivable. Christ’s love and forgiveness are the paths to healing, bringing hope to the broken. It touches the hearts of all in the audience that may be suffering with their choices and seeking forgiveness

A Changed Heart: Norma McCorvey and Roe v. Wade

Do you want to impact the culture with a pro-life message form an attorney’s perspective? This message is suitable for all audiences, including public and private schools, typically requested for Constitutional Law courses. With a backdrop of the workings of the Supreme Court, A Changed Heart focuses on the ways Roe V. Wade was inaccurate, coupled with descriptions of Norma McCorvey’s and Sheila’s changed hearts.



Healing Workshops

My Secret Loss

A Supportive workshop helping post-abortive women discover the love of Christ and His healing touch of forgiveness

Grapple With Guilt, Shed the Shame

A workshop guiding participants toward an understanding of how unresolved guilt or shame may be the source of many of their personal problems. They will discover what it means to life a shame-based life, the sources from which same might originate, and Jesus’ continuing love and forgiveness of them.



Virtual Options

Please contact Sheila if you are interested in any of her virtual options. Options include pre-recorded keynote addresses, a customized keynote address, and virtual Bible study on post-abortion healing.



Related Books

My Baby’s Feet: Choice, Death, and the Aftermath

For women who are unsure of their feelings on abortion or who have experienced abortion, Sheila shares her heartfelt story of emotional pain resulting from her regrettable choice at age 17. All readers will benefit tremendously as they discover that abortion is not the easy answer to a complicated problem. Purchase your copy from one of these locations: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Aneko Press



My Secret Loss: Finding Peace after Abortion

Written for use as a Bible study for post-abortive women and for those that love them, this workbook builds an understanding of the true impact of abortion on a woman and helps her to find healing through acceptance, love, and forgiveness. Using her personal experiences, Sheila affirms that each post-abortive person is loved and lovable. My Secret Loss is frequently used as a personal workbook by those who are not ready to share their post-abortive experiences within a group. Purchase your copy from one of these locations: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Aneko Press



Grapple with Guilt, Shed the Shame

Written as a group Bible study that can also be used as a personal workbook, Grapple with Guilt opens the door for healing from a shame-based life. This workbook helps the reader to recognize the basis of shame then stop forward in the love of Christ, opening the door to becoming the person God intended him or her to be. This workbook is also useful for prison ministries. Purchase your copy from one of these locations: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Elizabeth Ministry International