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When voting, whose side are you on?

Posted by on May 13, 2020 in God's Grace | 0 comments

Around 2009, I flew to Houston, Texas, for a wedding. For budget reasons, I went without my husband, so I connected with a prior co-worker and her friend. Before the wedding, we met at Judi’s house to get reacquainted. I told her about the books that I had written, and I was now speaking for women’s groups and various Christian and secular events on abortion, pro-life matters, forgiveness, God’s call for our work-lives, and more. Judi was still working as an attorney for ExxonMobil, a fascinating career, and one that I often miss.  The wedding was lovely, and the reception promised to be beautifully elegant and fun. At dinner, the guests were seated at round tables, set for eight. Judi selected a table and suggested that I sit next to Wendi. As Judi introduced us, she encouraged me to...

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Make disciples? Who, me? How?

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I was about fifteen years old, working at my summer job as a babysitter for Aaron and Brian. It was a hot, summer day, and we all needed a walk, a change of pace, maybe a distraction. So, I put Aaron in the stroller, held Brian’s hand in mine, and we ventured out.  Just as we got to the end of the driveway, a car pulled up beside us. In the car was a man who leaned out the open window and asked, “Have you asked Jesus Christ into your life?” “Maybe, ummm, I don’t know. I go to church.” I replied. What is the difference between going to church and asking Jesus into my life, I wondered.  “Pray with me right now and ask Jesus into your life. If you do you will be saved.” He urged me. ...

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Any Road Will Take You Someplace If You Travel Long Enough

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When I was young, single, and working in Minnesota, I’d find myself facing the weekend without any specific plans. Wanting something interesting to do, I regularly chose to drive home to Wisconsin to see family or friends. To add a little adventure to my weekend, rather than traveling back to Wisconsin, I waited to select my ultimate destination until I was one hour into my drive, where my road choice would force a destination choice. It didn’t usually matter what road I chose, because it didn’t usually matter to me where I ended up. My main goal was to have something to do, and the drive itself met that goal.  Similarly, the ultimate vacation destination has never been a top priority for me. When I plan our family vacations, I usually look for the best travel value which takes...

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