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When voting, whose side are you on?

Around 2009, I flew to Houston, Texas, for a wedding. For budget reasons, I went without my husband, so I connected with a prior co-worker and her friend. Before the wedding, we met at Judi’s house to get reacquainted. I told her about the books that I had written, and I was now speaking for women’s groups and various Christian and secular events on abortion, pro-life matters, forgiveness, God’s call for our work-lives, and more. Judi was still working as an attorney for ExxonMobil, a fascinating career, and one that I often miss. 

The wedding was lovely, and the reception promised to be beautifully elegant and fun. At dinner, the guests were seated at round tables, set for eight. Judi selected a table and suggested that I sit next to Wendi. As Judi introduced us, she encouraged me to tell Wendi what I do for a living, knowing that sparks would likely fly. Judi has a unique sense of humor. 

Unprepared for the conversation that ensued, I told Wendi that I was a Christian author and speaker. 

“Christian? What is that?” Wendi retorted. I didn’t pick up on Wendi’s point. 

“Christian!” she exclaimed again. “Is that some sort of cult? Do you believe in things that don’t exist? Do you light candles to your god?” 

I finally caught on. 

She then asked, “What are your books about?” 

“My first published book is called, ‘My Secret Loss: Finding Life after Abortion.’ It builds on my personal experience …”  

“Abortion!” she spat. “So, you’re one of those people, infringing on my rights to choose what happens to my body. You are one of those people, imposing your opinions on the rest of us. I’ll tell you; I’ve had several abortions and I’m proud of it. You can’t force your opinion on me or anyone else! I’ll bet you are a single-issue voter. Who are you voting for? Do you care what they stand for? Do you even know what they stand for? You are probably going to vote pro-life, without even thinking about what is best for our country.” 

Wendi’s tirade went on for a couple minutes, a long time for the circumstances. Her voice got louder and louder as she continued accosting me. The others at our table sat silently, gazing at their food. 

In my heart, I was thinking a pro-life vote is best for our country. When respect for life at all stages of life and appreciation for all degrees of ability rule our thoughts, decisions tend to be what is best for society. However, my courage to continue this discussion was overruled by my desire to avoid a confrontation at my good friend’s wedding. 

Thus, when Wendi paused for a breath, I admitted that I was pro-life and life issues are a priority to me. I said that I would love to discuss the issues in greater depth, but I did not believe that this was the time or the place. At that point, my friend Judi interjected with a suggestion that we find a new subject. 

I can agree with Wendi on one point. All issues have a degree of importance, and each candidate’s stance on all issues should be evaluated when voting. However, I am certain that Wendi and I would disagree on the foundation upon which we should test our positions on the issues. 

When Joshua was near Jericho, preparing for battle, suddenly a man with a sword appeared before him. Joshua asked the man whether he was for Joshua and the Israelites or for their enemies. The man said, “Neither.” Instead, he explained that he was the commander of the Lord’s army. (See Joshua 5:13-15.) The question then to us, is not whether we are Republican or Democrat, but rather, “Are we on God’s side?” As Christians, we must be on God’s side in all aspects of life, including politics and our governmental affairs. 

Consider God’s point of view on the issues that are part of this year’s campaign. What can you learn from the Bible? What does the Bible teach about abortion, euthanasia, war, crime, economic issues, marriage, and more? Are you not sure? Study these first. There are resources available, such as “How Would Jesus Vote?” a book by Dr. James Kennedy, PhD and Jerry Newcombe. It is an older book, but it’s based on God’s Word, and God’s Word doesn’t change. While I believe people might differ on some of the authors’ applications of the Bible’s teachings, I think their points are worth discussion and analysis. 

First, I believe that God is pro-life. If our government and society does not respect life at all ages and in all circumstances, we need only follow the money. Those that are not able to be financially productive ultimately have no worth in such a society. I also believe the Bible promotes marriage between a man and a woman, and sexual relationships outside of marriage are deemed sins. I believe that war is appropriate for defense, protection, or the destruction of evil. I believe in justice for crime. Finally, I believe that man was made to work. All people must take responsibility for themselves, their families, their communities, and the earth, when physically and mentally able. For those that are not able, we are commanded to love them and help them. 

You may disagree with me with my understanding of the Biblical view on the subjects noted. But the point is that we need to understand the Biblical view on the key issues of life and apply such a view to the political issues of the day. Then, we are ready to vote. 

It is our duty to our Lord God and Savior, to be on his side. Study up and vote accordingly. Impact our nation for God’s kingdom. Whose side are you on?

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